Latest Projects

Discovery shores

The development known as Discovery shores is a multi-billion dollar proposed integrated tourism, commercial and retail development on 1,380 acres of prime waterfront property on the Indian Ocean North of Perth that will house approximately 20,000 people in WA, Australia.

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Kids Plus

Kids Plus is a childcare opened its doors in 2007. It is a state of the art childcare on the Sunshine coast dedicated to educating children from the ages of o to 5 years old. It has operated successfully over the past 7 years and been responsible for supporting many community events and sponsoring children that are less fortunate around the globe. More information can be found at

Simone Leslie

Simone Leslie (  is an international company focused on getting results for  clients through “Neuro Strategies”. Simone has worked with the unemployed through to CEO’s, Athletes, SME’s, Executives, and NGO’s for the past 20 years.  Simone’s focus is on fixing the “Neuro” blockages so change and results are permanent in your personal, professional and financial life.

Profit Partners

Profit Partners is one of Crestcorps private investment companies. Its main focus is investments into high yielding financial instruments. These include debentures, loan books, FX and other banking instruments. Profit Partners whole focus is to create wealth to fund social and cultural change domestically and internationally. It currently supports initiatives in Australia and abroad.

Kids Plus Africa

Kids Plus Africa is part of Crestcorps mandate to create social and cultural change. Currently 70% of children in Orphanages around the world age out at 16 years old. That is 27000 a day that return back to crime and prostitution. Whilst it may be good to feed and educate these children to 16, the model is inefficient. We are working on new solutions for this with our centres in Africa.

ASP Treasury

ASP Treasury (  was formed in partnership with Dave Hodgson ( ASP Treasury is a true alternative to traditional banking, which is based on the premise, that All Shall Prosper (ASP). Unlike traditional banks, our profits are not absorbed by shareholders. This enables ASP Treasury to provide superior returns to account holders through our Term Deposits and Private Wealth.


Some of the poorest people in the world live in rural Africa. Many of these people living in extreme poverty with no access to basic necessities. Missino58 was formed to empower communities to bring immediate relief and break the poverty cycle through 5 key areas: Water, Agriculture, Education, Health and Micro Enterprise. Mission58 is a registered DGR in Australia and raises funds through individual and corporate donors.: (