David Leslie is the Managing Director of Crestcorp International Pty Ltd. David has a diverse background with experience in Information Technology, Merchant Banking, Executive Consulting, Education Services, Childcare, Property and Philanthropy.

David started his career at Hewlett Packard in 1989. Over the next 7 years he worked for National Westminster, Country NatWest, finishing off at Bankers Trust in 1996. At this point, David started a consulting company working with individuals, businesses and corporations. David conducted executive consulting and training programs for business professionals, Fortune 500 companies, sporting stars, politicians and executives of major corporations in Australia.

In 2005, David and his business partner started a group of companies consisting of childcares, shopping centres, residential property and development sites. This business was built over 3 years to $21 million, until their corporation was unconscionably targeted by a financier in 2009. This was a difficult period for David and resulted in significant changes in his life.

In 2011, David re-launched a new initiative, with the intent of acquiring and investing in companies that could help fund social and cultural initiatives to prosper people domestically and internationally.

Crestcorp now has ownership or interests in property development, IT Startups, Childcare IPO’s,  new technologies, consulting, merchant banking and childcare.

David is also an international speaker. He speaks to business conferences, community groups, churches and other organisations on a variety of topics.