Diakonis Developments

Diakonis Developments is a property development company based on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. One of the main aims of the company is to create profit to fund its chairty Mission58 .

Profit Partners

Profit Partners is a private investment company. Its main focus is investments into strong yielding financial instruments. These include debentures and other banking instruments. Profit Partners whole focus is to create wealth to fund social and cultural change domestically and internationally. It currently supports initiatives in Australia and abroad.


David Leslie manages a commercial trust that has an interest in Kradle software (www.kradle.com) that is planned for  IPO in the coming years. Kradle is a unique, cloud-based solution which allows SME’s to build  a 3D database model (first of its kind in the world) to store and manage data,  control internal processes, establish internal messaging and create performance reports.


Colux International is an online company established to  design and create innovative comfortable, stylish and luxurious products  to meet the needs of consumers predominantly in the US market. More information can be found at www.colux.online


Kingdom Investors

Kingdom Investors is a marketplace ministry that Crestcorp International supports. David Leslie is one of the teachers, alongside the Founder, Dave Hodgson.

Kingdom Investors is a unique marketplace ministry which intentionally teaches Christian men and women how to multiply their businesses to influence and change culture. These teachings are taught by business people who have built large multi-million dollar businesses that are making a global impact. The format of these teachings is offered through our membership program which includes podcasts, videos, interactive webinars and entrepreneurial marketplace articles. To find out more please visit: www.kingdominvestors.com.au


A boutique  trust has been formed that is jointly managed with other investors in a new startup called “Herdx”. HerdX Inc. is a Texas based, rancher-friendly company whose products support livestock producers, enhance animal health and well being, and deliver traceability and in-depth product information to retailers and families. HerdX is proud to work with several large companies including Arrow Electronics, Google, and Microsoft to bring HerdX products to the globe. HerdX is the only holistic, end-to-end system that provides innovative ranch rolutions and extensive supply chain traceability under the same roof


Some of the poorest people in the world live in rural Africa. Many of these people living in extreme poverty with no access to basic necessities. Missino58 was formed to empower communities to bring immediate relief and break the poverty cycle through 5 key areas: Water, Agriculture, Education, Health and Micro Enterprise. Mission58 is a registered DGR in Australia and raises funds through individual and corporate donors.: (www.mission58.org).

Simone Leslie

Simone Leslie (www.simoneleslie.com)  is an international company focused on getting results for  clients through “Neuro Strategies”. Simone has worked with the unemployed through to CEO’s, Athletes, SME’s, Executives, and NGO’s for the past 20 years.  Simone’s focus is on fixing the “Neuro” blockages so change and results are permanent in your personal, professional and financial life.