The word “Crest means the top of a mountain. There are 7 major mountains that make up our culture and the world we live in today. Education, Business, Religion, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family and Media. Within each of these categories there are many social and cultural problems that need our attention.

For example we have, homelessness, poverty (53% of the world lives on less than $2 a day), slavery (27 to 30 million worldwide), disease, drug abuse, corruption, unfunded government liabilities, greed, starvation (21000 children die a day) , trafficking of children, orphans (currently 178million), domestic violence and many other problems.

We can make a difference. We can solve these social and cultural problems. How are we attempting to do it?

Our main objective is to ascend the business mountain, by acquiring or investing in companies that fund social and cultural change to prosper all.

  • Acquire: Acquire or invest in companies to create profit.
  • Fund: Use the wealth from these companies to fund social and cultural change.
  • Prosper: As we fund (create wealth) for individuals, investors, employees, businesses, NGO’s or countries, we prosper people in every way: E.g. financially, physically, emotionally, mentally & physically.

Our funds may go to any such projects or initiatives that solves some of these social and cultural problems. E.g. funding an end to sex slavery, infrastructure, self-sustainability, micro-enterprise, education programs, learning centres, etc.