I once thought that building or investing in companies was just about making money for me and others. Better houses, nicer cars, longer holidays, more options. Whilst it is nice to have some of those things, at the end of the day, is this what really matters?

Years ago I took a trip to Cambodia. A man stood in front of me with his wife and 3 children. I was in the middle of a filthy slum. His whole house was no bigger than the average Australian bathroom. It was made out of mud bricks, tin sheeting and plastic covers. His house was meters from the local rubbish dump. In the searing humidity and heat, the smell wafting from the dump would make anyone sick.

This was his life, sifting through rubbish at the dump with his family in the morning, trying to sell it on the streets in the afternoon for a few dollars.

I asked myself, where can he get help? The government, NGO’s, friends, family? I found out, no help was available from anywhere. No financial subsidies, no donations, nothing. After digging deeper, I realised he was just one of millions living the same way, every day around the world.

In fact 52% of people around the globe live on less than $2 a day. Millions die every day of starvation. Children are now the second most traded commodity in the world behind arms and drugs. These are just some of the facts.

What is my response? I used to read these facts, even watch documentaries as I sipped my cappuccino. I would be temporarily moved by it, but for a long time did nothing. This day changed it for me. To see it first hand shocked me.

I got sick of hearing about these problems abroad and in our own country. Moreso, I got sick of my own excuses. It was out of this motivation that we started Crestcorp. A motivation to create wealth, not just to patch symptoms, but to fix many of the social and cultural issues the world now faces.

It’s so¬†easy to be negative about the world and say the problems are way too big, but we can make a difference. We can make a difference in our country and beyond. We can provide solutions. We can change culture.

If we just influence 6% of a country, we can change a whole nation. It is our hope and prayer that we set an example for you to do the same. After all that man with his wife and 3 children could have been you or I. If it was, wouldn’t you want help?

You now know, what will your response be?